Click in the miner's box to level him up and help him mine the entire mountain! You'll do it eventually...


Made in 48 hours for OMG jam

This is my first game jam and the second game I have ever made. The purpose of this game was to break back into game development with an extremely simple concept because it has been an entire year since my last game. Was going to add a "loot" system to compliment the theme but I ran out of time. Hope you enjoy! 

If anyone has the patience to beat this I will be impressed. Its much easier on mobile.

Development log


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Enjoyed the game. Finished it after a couple tries. Nice for a clicker. Thanks

Thanks detho! Glad to hear you finished! 

Nu pogodi!

This "game"... It can be finished, but I can't imagine anybody being engaged to do so.

I totally understand where you are coming from and player engagement is definitely something I could work on. Thanks for checking it out! 

I even wanted to record the ending of the game, but due to some difficulties I have just a photo.
Gameplay is almost non-existent, but graphics are pretty nice.
I look forward to see more of yours.

Sorry the recording didn't work out! Ill be participating in the demake jam in August. Ill be sure to check out PPAP as soon as I can. Thanks again for your feedback!