edit 9:15 pm: I re uploaded with a fix to a major bug

Help Vivian, the librarian witch, pick out her customer's ideal books by matching the genre they want to the books the library carries!

Press "R" to restart at anytime.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Known Issues:

1.  I am 100% I clicked the correct book but the customer didn't like it! 

I have come across this issue and I am working to fix it.  Sorry if this bug ruined any of your runs. So far the two titles guilty of this are: "The Adventures of Will Wicket" & "The Midnight Hour"

2. Card #3 on drawers E-H and I -L don't respond to clicks very well.

Made in two weeks for Darktober Game Jam 2018


Book Title Font: @somepx - "efforts-v1" 

Special thanks to my brother for recording the sound effects 

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