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I wrote some example code for writing nokiajam-compatible games with Octo, my CHIP-8 IDE:


Created this small game template for the JAM using DOME Engine and Wren :)


For anyone who is going to participate by using the Godot Engine, you can use my starter project:


thanks, mate!

you are welcome!


Thanks you!

So, while this might be bending the jam rules, the Nokia 3310 could also make DTMF dial tones (not as a part of the internal synth, but from making calls). If you'd like these you can find some for free here:

Let me know if this breaks the rules too much =)


Also found this recreation of the Nokia Composer, which might be useful for reference making sounds. Or even as a nostalgic tool to create music if you want!


I found some good public domain 3x5 and 4x5 fonts here:

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Hey! I made a SF2 (SoundFont2) version of the Nokia 3310 sound samples made by Eamonn Watt for simplicity, so that’s it’s available for anyone at any OS. Here you go