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This Game Is Flat-Out Amazing, Thanks Man

Thank you! I will be trying my best to learn and make even greater games in the future. I’m really glad you liked it! 

Y cant I play this game

Sometimes I have to click on the game screen first! Not sure why this is but I would like to find a way to fix it (even when putting in a “click to play” in game you still have to click again) I think this is an issue but I’m not 100% sure. If that doesn’t work let me know! 

You have really captured the feel of Mirror's edge in the movement and overall look of the game. Great job!

Hey Burning! I replayed the games and tried to pick what made Mirror's Edge feel like Mirror's Edge to me and capture the vibe. I wasn't able to implement everything I wanted at the level I wanted so I m glad to hear you felt it! Thank you so much for playing!

Good look and flow and parkour feel. Nice details. I want to slide more!:-D Like it!

Thanks Detho! Sliding could be the focus of other levels if I ever decided to do a post-jam version.